Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Really Quick UPDATE

If you follow my blog, you know I was supposed to finish up the Hammer and Chisel program over the weekend.  Well, as you all know, sometimes life just happens, and things get postponed.  Jeff and I have been doing the program together.  After travelling and trying to sleep on an airplane, last week, Jeff had a stiff neck/shoulders for a few days.  We decided it would be best to hold off and avoid the risk of stiffness leading to injury.  In addition,  I have been trying to tackle some more health issues that have risen up over the past few months (this autoimmune stuff sucks).  I think I may have stumbled upon the root of many of my more recent issues and took a step to correct the issue.  It will be awhile before I know if I will see some relief from my symptoms, but I promise to post about it, when I know more.  Stay tuned...  

We are ALMOST finished, and will be posting some before/after pics next week.

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