Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Enough is enough!!!

The past 3 months have just been crazy in my life!  Between traveling and moving, and back to school (I home school my kids), I just haven't been staying on the healthy wagon.  I have been trying really hard to get back on track gradually by adding one healthy habit back in at a time.  Usually that works for me.  Not this time.  I am to the point where ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!  Starting on the first Monday in October, I am committing to Insanity Max:30 and my Shakeology for the month!  I have been really apprehensive about jumping into this program.  I have only done the 10 minute ab workout...which is TOUGH.  My hubby did the full program earlier this year and had AMAZING results!!  He and I will be doing the program together, as we get ready for a beach vacation in November :).  I am COMMITTING to it here in writing!  Keep me accountable!

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