Tuesday, February 2, 2016

4 weeks in

I am officially on week 5 of my Hammer and Chisel program.  I really like this program and the challenge of the workouts.  It really is a great lifting and strength training program with a little cardio mixed in.  I truly feel challenged during these workouts, and I feel like I am able to grow with the program and challenge myself even more each time I do a workout.  I also love that there are so many different workouts in the program that I went a solid 3 weeks without repeating a workout!!  For month 1, I followed the Hammer and Chisel eating plan (which uses those nice color coded, portion control containers - Portion Fix) and I felt great.  I found a great routine with my containers and it was easy to stay on track.  I also supplemented my workouts with the Beachbody Performance Line or products.  I used the pre workout Energize drink, during workout Hydrate drink, post workout Recover drink, and nighttime Recharge drink.  I have never really been one for supplements like this, but these REALLY have improved my performance.  The Energize gives me a  boost of energy to push harder during my workout.  The Hydrate helps keep my electrolytes in balance during my workout (imagine a healthy version of Gatorade).  The post workout Recover helps to repair muscles post workout, and REALLY cuts down on the soreness.  Recover is my FAVORITE of all the products....if you deal with a lot of "next day soreness" with your workouts, this will REALLY help!!  The Recharge is also a gem!  It does the same thing as the recover, but you drink it right before bed, and it works all night using slow release proteins in casein to help repair your muscles.  Because of these products, I truly have not been very sore during the past 4 weeks. It makes me feel like I really got 100% out of my first few weeks of this program.  And of course, I haven't missed a day of my Shakeology this year.

OK, so what results am I seeing?  This is a tough one for me.  I was really hoping to see the scale drop with this program, but as I am learning it is not common to lose much weight (or lose weight quickly) during a weight training program.  I am OK with that.  I can tell you that I am losing all the flab in my legs and arms....and slowly in my belly.  As of this morning, I have lost 7 inches off my body with Hammer and Chisel....4.5 of those inches in my waist and hips.  I knew my clothes were fitting better, but I didn't really realize that I had made that much progress until I took some progress pics.

I am excited to see what month 2 will bring.....

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