Friday, April 1, 2016

Being patient is HARD

No JOKE, right?!?!?  So, I mentioned in my last post that I am following an eating plan that focuses on detoxing the liver.  Did you know that when you are following a plan to HEAL your body from the inside out, that you need to take the time to focus on the healing?  It's true.  Because of that, I have been going at a much slower pace than I prefer with my fitness.  I miss my heart pumping and heavy lifting workouts.  I was actually supposed to start following the 22 Minute Hardcore program on Monday.  That is going to have to wait.  My body NEEDS this time to rest and reset.  This particular blog is only a little over a year old, but if you have been following me through my other blog, or via Facebook (or Twitter), you know that 2 years ago, I did an amazing program called the Ultimate Reset.  I have NEVER felt so good in all my life as I did at the end of that reset.  You can read my results blog post HERE.  During the Ultimate Reset, I was not supposed to exercise AT ALL.  For someone that really enjoys the routine of daily exercise, it was really difficult to slow down and let my body reset.  The human body is such a complex and wonderful machine.  But just as any other machine needs regular maintenance, so does the body.  Your muscles, your organs, and your mind all need to be relieved of the constant stressors that we put on them. Stressors from the food we eat (chemicals in our foods), the air we breathe (pollutants), and the physical strain we put on our entire body through exercise.  Don't get me wrong, exercise is a GREAT thing.  However, every so often, you need to give your body a chance to recover.  Allowing that recovery time will let your body perform BETTER,

So why not the Ultimate Reset now?  While it was a fabulous program, and one that I would definitely like to repeat again, the Ultimate Reset is an extremely rigid program.  The program is so precise that you know exactly WHAT to eat, HOW to prepare it, and WHEN to eat it.  There is NO GUESS WORK AT ALL.  Seriously, if you need something that will provide a lot of discipline, then the Ultimate Reset is perfect for you.  It is only a 3 week program, but I promise you will lose weight, sleep better, have more energy, and just feel amazing.  I chose not to do the program (right now) because I need the flexibility of being able to make food choices.


I made a decision earlier this year to try and transition our household to the world of organic (and eventually non-GMO) eating, and non-toxic, earth friendly household chemicals and personal products.  It really is a process to transition from being that family that would buy the most INEXPENSIVE foods, just to save money, to a family that is being conscious of our health and environment.  We have BAD habits that are going to take awhile to break.  Since we are doing this as a family, I need to make sure that we choose a plan that works for all of us.  The Ultimate Reset is NOT for kids.  for now, as we run out of items in our house, we are replacing with healthier options.  I am still choosing the most inexpensive ORGANIC brands.  I know there are BETTER options, but we are just getting started, and I still have research to do the be fully educated in the art of going organic and chemical free.  The way I see it, is that EVERY step to a healthier family is a POSITIVE step!  I have also started ordering things from The Honest Company.  They are extremely cost effective, if you sign up for one of the monthly subscription plans.  I am buying organic make-up too.  I am learning that going organic is not just about what you put IN your body, but what you put ON your body too.  I am learning SO MUCH.

My eating plan is focusing on Organic food choices, as much as possible.  We are still working through all of the food that we ALREADY have in our kitchen.  I have incorporated making and consuming organic, homemade bone broth.  OMG, I am learning so much about bone broth, and it's health benefits.  I'll be sharing more as I continue through this process, but seriously, start looking into bone broth!!  Of course, I am still drinking my Shakeology DAILY.  I have done my research on Shakeology, and I KNOW that it is already full of the whole food nutrition that I am transitioning to in my eating plan.  

For my fitness plan, I am following a Muscle Meridian Method (part of Chinese Meridian Theory ) of stretching, specifically designed to create an energy pathway to a specific organ.  In my case, it is the liver.  I am amazed at how well this targeted stretching works, and how much better I am starting to feel.  I am still fitting in PiYo and some 21 Day Fix Yoga, several time during the week.  I would LOVE to be following a program calendar, so that I can get results faster, but I KNOW my body needs to heal.  If I don't give my body the time to heal, it will just have to work harder to get the results I want, and that will lead to more stress on my organs....just not a good plan for me.  So, I am *trying* to be patient, and REALLY listen to my body and what it needs.  Patience is a virtue, right?

I'm curious...Who else would be interested in learning why it is important and how to start transitioning to organic eating?

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