Friday, April 22, 2016

Ready, Set, RESET

I FINALLY did it.  Have you noticed that I have mentioned several times on this blog that I did the Ultimate Reset in 2014, and I have never felt better in my life?  You were probably also wondering, with all I am going through, why I was making excuses about why I was not jumping into another reset again.  Seriously, this program is a no nonsense detox.  It tells you exactly WHAT to eat, HOW to prepare your food, and WHEN you need to be eating.  Shopping lists and recipes are provided.  The truth?  I didn't want to pay the price for the Reset, and because it is an intense eating plan, I wan't ready to commit to 3 weeks of super healthy eating.  I know, it is exactly what I need, but I just wasn't ready, mentally.

2 days ago, I saw this VIDEO POST on Facebook, and had one of those "get off your ass and make a REAL change" moments.  I sat down and ordered my Ultimate Reset  RIGHT THEN.  I wish I could share the actual video on here, but I couldn't find it anywhere except Facebook.  Anyway, after watching this video, I KNEW it was time.  I think the fact that the program is on sale through the end of April (discount on shipping too) made all the difference.  I am ready.

I was planning on starting my program on May 1, but I have already changed my mind and decided that if my kit arrives sooner, I am going to start sooner.  I NEED this focused detox.  I NEED to really get my head in the game,  I NEED to make sure that I get control of my health.

Overall, I have been feeling pretty good lately.  My energy levels are staying up, and my digestion seems to be functioning pretty well.  I am confident that the liver detoxing is working.  I have been abstaining from intense exercise...I REALLY miss my regular workouts, but I am determined to HEAL my body, and right now it needs rest.  I am trying to do my detox stretches daily - wow, do they really help me FEEL good.  I am consciously making sure that I stay active and get in my Fitbit step goal daily.  My eating has been decent.  I am focusing on organic, and minimal ingredient foods....BUT, I am not gonna lie, I have been eating more than I should, and allowing myself some extra treats.

You know getting out of your own way is half the battle when it comes to fitness and/or weight loss.  Sometimes, it can be a real challenge.  In my years of experience as a coach, I know that I can't make people do something that they don't want to do.  I know that unless you are mentally ready to make a change, that you WILL NOT be able to make that change.  I think I have been stuck mentally, for the past few months.  This time of year is always tough for our homeschooling (we get spring fever too, and still have requirements we need to finish), and with birthdays and events, and with Jeff's travel schedule picking up.  My focus has just been elsewhere.  I need to start focusing on myself again.  I would love to have some friends to do this with.  If you think you are mentally ready to get in the game, and want to get some extra support, CLICK HERE and fill out my survey, or send me a message (here on the contact me section of my blog, or via facebook,).  I will set up a special Challenge Group where we can share and support each other along this journey.  Facebook will not be required, but you mys have a smartphone or tablet, so you can download a the FREE app where I will host the group.  THERE IS NOTHING TO BUY, I promise.  It will just be accountability, support and motivation.  The only thing I ask is that you check into the group daily.    If you are interested in the Ultimate Reset, you can join me and we can do it together!

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