Monday, May 9, 2016

Ultimate Reset - Week 1 DONE

This is not my first time doing the Ultimate Reset.  I did it in February of 2014.  While I really loved the recipes, and the experience, I did feel that it was extremely rigid.  I had great results, and learned a lot, but all of that strictness with the timing of supplements, and food just had me stressed out.  I am sure that is what has prevented me from repeating this program again.  This time around, the experience is VERY different.  Over the past few months, I have been trying to do something similar with my eating all on my own.  It just wasn't working out for me.  I needed to be on a plan that would keep me focused and really steer me away from cheating.  I am so glad I decided to do the reset!  This is EXACTLY what I needed, EXACTLY when I needed it.

I am 1 full week in (and a few days), and I am surprisingly down 4.6 pounds.  It is sorta funny because I have hardly lost any fact, I have gained a little in the inch department.  THAT NEVER HAPPENS to me when I start a program.  It's all good though.  It is all part of the process.  The first week, Phase 1:Reclaim, is sort of a prep week.  During this week, you are starting to change your eating over to a vegan diet.  You phase out meat and dairy, and by the end of the week, you will be eating all vegan.  This is also the phase where folks will experience some detox side effects,  caffeine withdrawal (if you are a regular coffee or soda drinker) ...YUP, I experienced that one!  Going strong with NO COFFEE for 9 days now! Along with the headache, I had some crazy nausea.  As with any detox, your body will go through changes. The purpose of the Ultimate Reset is to do just that, "Reset" your body.  Part of that process involves getting all of the toxins out of the way, so your body can run more efficiently.  It isn't just a physical detox either.  Often times individuals will feel an emotional detox too.  For me, I am just feeling very zen about the whole program.  I don't know that zen is the right term, but I just feel a sense of calm.  I am embracing this program and seeking that change in my body and my mind.  I think with all that I have learned about food and what my body really needs to run smoothly (and get me healthy), that I just needed this program to set the tone.  I don't see having to cook two meals (one for myself, and one for my family) as a hassle or an inconvenience.  Typically, I would, but I am really enjoying my meals, and I am actually enjoying cooking for my family too (don't tell them that).  as strange as it sounds, I am NOT feeling at all deprived.  Although the food that I am eating is fairly low in calories (between 1200-1400 calories per day), it is super nutritious.  Besides a salad that starts with 3 cups of lettuce, is no small salad!  One of the best parts of this program that I truly enjoy (and also enjoyed when I completed it a few years ago), is the quality of my sleep.  I truly sleep like a baby.  I feel so relaxed, and wake up feeling like I truly got a good nights rest.  Even with the great sleep, I have been plagued by fatigue during this week.  It's not the 'I'm sleepy' sort of fatigue, but the 'my body is so tired that I can't seem to make it move across the room' sort of fatigue - on a side note, I went to my Doc last week, and she is testing me to see if my Epstein-Barr is having a flare up, among a bunch of other blood tests.  The fatigue is much better this week.

OK, So I know you are wondering what kind of food is on this plan.  Well, no need to worry...I took pictures!  This plan is set up with 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and an optional snack.  Shakeology is allowed on this program, but is recommended that you only have it a few times a week.  Since I committed to 366 days of Shakeology at the beginning of this year, I am making the program work for me, so I don't lose sight of my commitment and goals. Sometimes I have my Shakeology for Breakfast or an afternoon snack, using the special recipes provided for the program.  Other days, I have my Shakeology for an evening snack, using only 1/2 a serving and mixing with only water. That is not part of the plan, but one thing I have learned throughout my journey is that plans have to be adaptable to your specific situation.  Every plan will be different for every person that tries it.  Just because you follow it to a T, does not mean you will get the same results as your best friend that did the program with you.  Our bodies are super complex, and respond to things differently.  So, you have to be flexible when it comes to your plan.

With no further adieu, here are some food pics :)

This certainly was not ALL of my meals for 7 days, but it gives you a great idea of what delicious things are in this plan.  Best guess work.  The Ultimate Reset comes with shopping lists, and the recipes for how to make each meal!

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