Monday, May 16, 2016

Ultimate Reset - Week 2 DONE!

The 2nd phase of the Ultimate Reset is called Release.  The idea is that in this week, is that you release all of those toxins from your body.  During this week, many folks may experience fatigue, body aches, even acne.  It is all because the toxins that have been hiding deep in the body are trying to make their way out.  Fortunately, I only had a bit of fatigue (not as bad as last week).  I did however, suffer from some bloating and constipation.  I know TMI.  But, I have to be REAL, and let's face it, going to the bathroom is part of healthy digestion.  OK, so , this week, all dairy and meat were eliminated from my diet.  I was still able to enjoy plenty of veggies, healthy fats, and some whole grains (rice, quinoa, millet).  In addition, a detox (high fiber) drink was added to my supplements before each meal.  One would think that such a drink would cause more"release" rather than constipation, but this particular detox drink is designed to slow things down just a bit, so the intestines are better able to absorb the nutrients from the food I am eating.  So, now all of my cells are getting some high quality nutrients from REAL food, and those nutrients are helping to create new, healthy cells in my body (because you truly are what you eat), that will work hard to help my entire body function better.  My gut is healing from the stress of working so hard to digest foods that were not pure nutrition.  I just can't express to you how much better I FEEL.

There is something about doing something extraordinarily HEALTHY for your body, that just makes you FEEL amazing.  I think a lot of that can be attributed to the body's ability to function better.  Imagine that you are a person that wears glasses.  Now imagine that junk food and processed foods are like trying to look at the world without your glasses on.  You can kind of see things, but stuff isn't very clear, and the details may be too hard to make out.  Now, when you put your glasses on, everything is much clearer.  You can make out the details, and probably see things that you didn't notice before.  Putting those glasses on, is similar to how the body responds to healthy REAL food.  What do I mean by REAL food?  I mean the stuff that nature made.  When you go to the store and buy a box of something that is labeled healthy, that is not REAL food.  REAL foods are your fruits, veggies, healthy fats, whole grains, even lean meats.  It is the stuff that people ate BEFORE the invention of factories.  It is the stuff that you buy fresh, and will not keep as long in your refrigerator.

I embarked on this program as part of my journey because my body NEEDED to be reminded that food is a means to fuel my body and help it function as efficiently as possible.  Although I enjoy the taste of sweets and treats, this REAL food can also be made to taste AMAZING.  I had forgotten that some of the meals in this program are so delicious...and not at all difficult to incorporate into my daily eating.  My biggest struggle is that I don't like to cook.  I know how to cook, and I can make amazing dishes, but I just don't enjoy taking the time to do it.  The beauty of a program like this is that you have to take time to prepare your food.  For someone like me, it gets me into the habit of prepping ahead of time.  That is something I am not very good at.  However, it is something I need to practice more.      

I know you are waiting to hear my week 2 results.....

This week, I lost 2.5 inches in my waist, and I am down ANOTHER 4 pounds!!!  Wow!!  That is 8 pounds total in 2 weeks.  I never really expected to be dropping the pounds this quickly.  There are folks posting in my support groups that have lost 10 pounds in a week.  My body has never really worked like that.  Typically, I lose VERY slowly, and only about every other week.  FYI - I DO NOT weigh myself daily.  I have only been stepping on the scale once a week for my Reset.

The food continues to be delicious.  I am getting a little tired of salads, but at least the plan is mixing them up a bit.  I didn't take as many food pic this week because, many of the meals are similar to last week, but I will still share.  My FAVORITE meal of the reset is the Mediterranean roasted beets.  They are good hot or cold, by themselves, or topping a salad!  YUM!!

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