Thursday, October 29, 2015

Last week of Insanity Max:30, ROUND 1

Wow, I NEVER in a million years thought I would be able to go for the full 30 minutes of an Insanity Max:30 workout without "maxing out".  Last night, I did just that!!!  I went the full 30 minutes, during the Sweat Intervals  workout, giving it my ALL. 

What does that mean?  Well, the Max:30 workouts are designed for you to go as hard as possible for as long as you possibly can. The goal is that you push the limits of your body before giving into rest.  Don't worry, most of the workouts are not a solid 30 minutes of activity.  Many of them have a 30 second break after 5-10 minutes of workout out.  Last night, I really pushed myself.  I still followed the modifier (for low impact), and really focused on my form.  I gave my workout 100% effort.   It was definitely a challenge, but so worth it!!

On the food front, I have been doing much better with my eating habits. I managed to survive the weekend celebrating my youngest son's 6th birthday, and I DID NOT have any cake!!  That is huge for me.  It was hard, but I kept reminding myself that eating the sugar and gluten in the cake would cause me tummy pain.  That really helped me to stay in check.  I haven't gone cold turkey.  I have been sucking on hard candy to ease my sugar craving.  It has helped a lot.  In addition, next week, I will be doing a 5 day sugar detox group on Facebook.  It will be open to everyone, if you (or anyone you know) is interested in joining in.  Just CLICK HERE to message me via Facebook, and I will send you the info to join the Facebook group.  It is completely FREE, and will not require any special purchases.    My sugar detox group, starts Monday ...following the Halloween weekend....which I am sure will lead to sugar overload for most of us :). 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Taking the bull by the horns

One of the most frustrating things about being on a fitness journey is when you body chooses NOT to cooperate with your goals.  You are doing most of the right things, and yet, you are not seeing progress.  Worse yet, your goals seem to be getting further away as you progress.  That is where I am.  I am exercising 30 minutes a day, and following my Insanity Max:30 workout schedule. 

I am watching what I eat, and keeping a close eye on portion sizes.  I am drinking my Shakeology daily. 

But I am still feeling "puffy".  I even pulled my Spanx out today, so that I could slip my jeans on, and they wouldn't feel overly uncomfortable.  Yeah, I am a fitness coach, and I own Spanx. 

I would say, 'Don't tell anyone", but seriously, I just posted it on the internet ;).  Sometimes, you just need to smooth everything out, so that your clothes fit comfortably.  Today is one of those days. 

  Here's the deal.  I am losing inches in my legs and my arms.  My face thinning out.  My chest and shoulders are slimming and sculpting.  However, my belly is still not slimming AT ALL.  In fact, it actually feels like it is getting bigger.  In my last post, I talked about my theory of Fat Migration.  While I am sure there is some of that going on, I am becoming skeptical that it is the root of the problem.  I have a sneaking suspicion that not only is my EBV really flaring up.  Often times people that suffer from EBV will develop other autoimmune diseases.  Knowing this, I believe my best bet is to fight back through my diet.  It is time to buckle down and stay strict on my eating plan.  That means NO gluten, No corn, No soy, and very little dairy.  It is also time to boost my vitamin C supplements.  Don't worry, I am smart enough to know that if I am being strict about my eating, and I still continue to have problems, I need to schedule an appointment with my doctor.  I am hoping that this will help.  After all, I became really relaxed about my eating over the summer.  I won't know if that is the issue until I really set my mind to sticking with my plan.  I give myself 2 weeks to start seeing some improvement (or if things really get worse), before I call my doctor.

Monday, October 19, 2015

New levels of frustration

I am totally going to be real with you.  I am at a frustrating point in my journey.  I am doing my Insanity Max:30 workouts, and following the schedule, but I really need to get my butt on board with the eating plan.   I can't seem to stay focused on my eating habits.  I think part of it is that my EBV is flaring up, and I am eating for convenience because my energy is not where it needs to be.  I don't think I am doing a lot of overeating, but I am not making the best choices.  I am really struggling with getting my mindset in the position to be consistent.  I think the regular exercise is helping, but I am not where I was a year ago, with my eating habits.  It is stressful.  I am starting week 3 of Max 30 today, and I have GAINED 4 pounds.  No joke.  Mentally, I know that I am building muscle, and that I just need to be consistent.  I am slimming down and getting really defined in my chest and shoulders.  However, nobody wants to see the scale go up....especially when you have seen it consistently creep up all year.  I am definitely fighting an uphill battle with this EBV.  I seriously need to get my act together.  I KNOW where I need to make changes in my eating, I just can seem to get myself to do them...consistently.   I am laying it out here...I am one of those people that has what I like to call "fat migration".  I totally made up this term, but this is what I mean....It is when you are trying to actively lose weight, and you drop weight in your arms, legs, face....and it all seem to migrate to your belly.  That is so me.  The place I want to slim up the PROBLEM the last to show any progress...and progress can take MONTHS to peek out in my trouble area.  Do you have this problem too?   This is what really has me frustrated.  I can actually handle the scale going up because I can just NOT step on it and see what the numbers are telling me.  But, when my pants don't fit well, and I can't seem to make progress toward a more comfortable fit in the waist, that I get really frustrated.  As a health and fitness coach, this can really wear on your ability to feel confident in your job.  I am educated enough to know what is going on, but my brain likes to play those "what if" games....

  • What if I workout harder and longer?  Straining my already tired body.  Maybe that will help?  You are joking Melissa.  Your body will just CLING to the fat because you will be over training and depleting your nutrition. 
  • What if I did a serious calorie depletion to see some result?  Results that will instantly go away when I stop.  Dear Melissa, See the first' what if'.
  • What if I just throw in the towel and accept that I am not ever going to be at my goal weight?  This one is HUGE for most people because they just give up.  I can't do that.  I can handle starting over ever morning because it means that I am making progress.  I never want to give up on my health. NOT AN OPTION
Maybe that is the key.  I just need to shift my mental focus on the HEALTH aspect.  After all, I know that if you focus on health, weight loss will come.  The truth is, I just want my pants to feel comfortable again...and I WILL NOT go shopping for a larger size.

You may wonder why I blog about this frustration and stress, instead of focusing on the positive.  the reason is that I am a real person.  Even though I coach others to a healthier lifestyle, I still have my own issues with my weight and health.   I know the answers to my problems, but sometimes it just takes convincing my mindset to follow those steps.  For me, talking with MY coach, and blogging about my journey helps tremendously.  I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH because I have been there too! I AM there.  BUT, I don't give up.  I keep pushing through.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Max 30...BEGIN!

Well, I have finally done it.  I started Insanity MAX:30!  Just looking at my before pics, I can tell that I REALLY need this program.  It has been a rough year for me, and I have allowed my EBV to give me permission to skip out on my exercise.  I have my numbers pretty much under control now, and it is time to stop making excuses.  My hubby and I are doing the program together, and we are using that to motivate each other to get our daily workouts in.  So far so good!

Today was day 2.  So far, I am following the modifier.  There is a lot of jumping in Max 30, and my body does not handle the jumping well ;).  Even though I am modifying, I am still getting a really challenging workout.  This program is NOT for the beginner.  Yesterday I maxed out at 14:19...and I was MODIFYING EVERYTHING.  Since he already completed the program earlier this year, Jeff, informed me that the workout (cardio challenge) is the EASY one. Yikes!!!  He was right.  Today was Tabata power, and it was HARD.  Lots of push ups!  My arms feel like jello.  I even had to modify the modifier when Shaun T pulled out the tricep dips.  I have carpel tunnel, and there is something about the way my hands are positioned during tricep dips that causes them to go numb...every...single...time.  No worries!!!  With my extensive experience through my other Beachbody programs, I was able to come up with some exercises that worked the same muscles, but were much more forgiving on my wrists.  I maxed out at 8:13. 

Thoughts so far....I like this program.  Because I have gone through the Focus T25 program, I assumed that Max:30 would be a similar set up as far as exercises.  I was right and wrong.  Yes, there are many exercises that focus on cardio and working multiple muscle groups at once.  However, I also feel like I am getting a lot more strength training in (which I love).  one thing that I have made sure to do for this program, is to make sure I am using the Beachbody Performance Line.  So far, it have been great!!  I am using the Energize before my workouts, to help my body get a little extra boost to get through the intensity of Max:30.  I am following my workout with Recover, which has the proper protein and nutrients to help speed muscle recovery and reduce soreness.  Seriously, this drink is DELICIOUS!!  It tastes like a Wendy's Chocolate frosty.  Mmmmmmmm!  Then before bed, I make sure I am fitting in my Recharge, a night time recovery formula designed to support muscle recovery while you sleep.  It is a yummy vanilla flavor.  Do the Recover and Recharge work.  Ummm, I would say MOST DEFINITELY.  Whenever I start a new workout program, my muscles are usually sore for the entire first week.  I mean so sore that it hurts to walk up and down the stairs.  Not this time.  So far, I have only had a minimal amount of muscle soreness.  This stuff is AWESOME!!!  I have not been using the Hydrate during my workouts, but I plan on ordering some.  Hydrate helps improve performance and endurance, and replaces lost electrolytes better than just water or sugary sports drinks.  I also have not been using the Creatine, mostly because it is more for resistance training.  Depending on how the program progresses, I may add that in too.  

If you want to try the Beachbody Performance products for yourself, there is a sample pack available.  CLICK HERE.  

I will try and blog about my progress at least weekly.  Stay tuned.......