Monday, March 30, 2015

Body Beast Complete

Many of you have been asking about the Body Beast program that I have been doing.  I have to tell you, I LOVE the low impact, muscle sculpting workouts that are in this program.  I have a new appreciation for adding weights to my routine, and I am no longer afraid to push my limits with weights when I exercise.

Yesterday, I finished the 3 weeks of the first phase of Body Beast (Build) .  I did not lose much weight (because I am building muscle), but I did get seriously sculpted arms, shoulders, and chest.  While I would really like to continue with the next phase of Body Beast Bulk, I feel I need to start adding a bit more cardio back into the mix.  When I started Beast, I had planed to do the first phase, then switch to something else for 3 weeks, and then switch back to Beast for a few weeks.  I feel like this muscle build, then cardio exercise cycling will work well for my body in helping me lose some of the weight I can't seem to get to budge.  This week, I am doing a 3 Day Refresh to detox my body, and I am focusing on a few light workouts all week.  Than on April 6, I will be jumping back into a round of 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I am anxious to see how my training from Body Beast has increased my strength and endurance for the Fix Extreme workouts.  I haven't yet decided if I will follow the Fix meal plan or another plan, but as always, I will be counting my calories :).
For those that have been following my journey this year, I wanted to let you know that I FINALLY got a doctor's appointment.  It seems like it should be a simple thing to do.  Well, it isn't.  I'm trying to start taking advantage of the preventive care coverage we all get now.  In the past, because of the cost of copays, I would go to the doctor when I absolutely HAD to.  I haven't been to a doc for a well visit since I was a kid (with the exception of the OB/GYN, which I hit up every year).  The truth is, I rarely get sick, and I haven't been to my regular family doc in years.  It has been so long that I am now considered a new patient in their office....and they are at capacity for people with my insurance. 5 calls later, I finally find an office that is accepting new patients AND will take my insurance. Let the process of great health begin!  I go in on April 21st and I will keep you all posted.

Now, to leave you with a little sneak peek of #Beast cardio.

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