Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring mode

I am really enjoying the nice spring weather that we have been getting in Ohio.  The warmer temps are perfect for getting outside to walk or run.  I even enjoy the relaxing.  I am going to be honest, last week I really let my workouts slack.  I skipped a few days, and I picked workouts for the days that I DID workout.  It happens.  Sometimes life gets in the way, or your body sends you messages that you need a little rest.  I took a break, and I am not ashamed.  I even splurged on my eating this weekend.  I just kept eating those darn jelly beans...even when I wasn't hungry...those things are addicting!  Now that it is Monday, I am ready to jump back on the healthy wagon.  I am starting another round of the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts.  You might be wondering if I ever do workouts WITHOUT following a program.  The truth is, when I don't follow a program, I end up picking workouts that are easy....or I tend to skip a bunch of days.  It makes it easier for me to use excuses.    When I follow a program, I feel like I HAVE to follow the program schedule.  If I skip a day, I always feel like I need to go make up that workout.  It really does keep me on track.

So here's to day 1 and Plyo Fix Extreme :)

Stats update.  I really didn't lose any weight in March.  I didn't expect to, since I was building muscle with Body Beast. I did lose a few inches in my waist and chest, which was nice.  I really enjoyed the increased number of calories I was allowed to have with the Body Beast program.  Talk about A LOT of FOOD!!!  I will be taking my progress pics in a few days after the jelly bean candy bloat goes down ;)

Please feel free to comment or leave questions in the comments.  I am always curious that my readers are thinking. 

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