Monday, April 27, 2015


I have been doing pretty good with my eating choices lately.  There have been a few exceptions, but for the most part, my eating has been clean and on target with my calorie goals.  Still, I really want to clean it up a bit more, and really dial in on my nutrition.  I decided a 3 Day Refresh was necessary.  I recently read that is is important to detox your liver every so often, so that it can function properly.  Did you know that your liver is what is responsible for detoxing your body?  When you eat lots of unhealthy foods, that causes your liver to work even harder, and it will have trouble keeping up.  just as it is important to change the oil in your car regularly, it is important to detox your liver.  There are many options out there for a simple, fast detox.  I decided on the 3 Day Refresh because it is simple, healthy, and I get to eat REAL food while detoxing. 

Today was Day 1, and I'll be honest, it has been rough.  I have a lingering headache (a sign of toxins leaving your body) almost all day.  To be fair, I also skipped my regular morning coffee....well, I brewed it and only had about 4-5 sips, trying to ward off caffeine withdraw.  I have been tired ALL DAY LONG.  The 3 Day Refresh is a very restricted calorie intake for 3 days, and it is recommended that you do not workout during the program.   That's OK, because I don't think I could have mustered up the energy anyway.  I know the fatigue and headache is normal.  I have done the Refresh about 5 times, and each time, I have the same symptoms, which are usually gone by day 3.  For the most part, I have not been hungry, until dinner.  I ended up adding an extra half cucumber to my Tomato and cucumber salad.  It was delicious, and I am satisfied.

Breakfast was my Shakeology with banana mixed in.  Mid-morning, I had my Fiber Sweep.  Lunch (picture below) was 1 red pepper, and apple, and a Vanilla Fresh shake with 1 tsp coconut oil mixed in.  For an afternoon snack, I had carrots, and some natural peanut butter.  Dinner was Tomato and cucumber salad, and a Vanilla Fresh shake.  I have had 112oz of water so far too, and still drinking. 

I am looking forward to reclaiming some energy, and dropping my belly bloat over the next few days.


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