Monday, May 18, 2015

Gettin back on track

Hi, my name is Melissa, and I have fallen off the exercise wagon.....again.  That's right, I have NOT been working out regularly.  The truth is that I have been really busy, and trying to take is easy as I work to get my EBV in check.  I haven't been doing my workout DVDs, BUT, I have been taking walks with my hubby in the evenings.  Nothing hardcore,  just enough to get the blood pumping.  I have noticed a definite increase in energy, but when I put in an intense workout, it really depletes my energy quickly.  So, I am going to have to scale back.  My plan to do Body Beast and T25 this month is changing.  I am still going to do a few Body Beast workouts each week, but I am only going to do one intense cardio workout a week, until I am feeling consistently better.  In the meantime, I am going to add in a little bit of PiYo and lower impact cardio (maybe 21 Day Fix or P90).  The exercise is actually good for my recovery, so I can't just cut it out.  In fact, on the days where I am feeling completely depleted, just adding in 10 minutes of light cardio gets my blood flowing.  Of course, that helps me feel more energetic.

I will tell you that my eating habits have really been in check!  I am trying really hard to focus on lots of protein, fruits and veggies, and only a few complex carbs. And of course, I am drinking my Shakeology daily :).   I have not had any bread or pasta in 3 weeks.  Honestly, that is not a hard move for me because I don't really eat much bread or pasta anyway.  The only exception was pizza this past weekend, at my son's birthday party.  I have had a few sugary treats here and there, but for the most part, my eating has been pretty clean.  I even managed to do 2 evenings out last week with GOOD eating choices.  Thursday was a reception that my husband won.  I didn't have much choice in the dinner option, but it wasn't unhealthy either.  I started with a salad with Italian dressing (no croutons), dinner was green beans, pork medallions with a yummy cream sauce, and new potatoes.  Dessert was pie or cake.  I selected the pie, but only ate the cherry filling (no crust).  Friday evening was my 16th anniversary.  The hubby and I went out for steak.  I ordered a small (6oz) one with a baked sweet potato.  Or course, I ate the salad (no croutons) that came with the meal.  We did splurge on an appetizer - one of those fried onion things.  It was not healthy, but it was delicious!!

My husband, Jeff , and I before the reception for his 40 under 40 awards reception.

I really need to do a write up on the AMAZING supplements that I am taking that are really kicking my EBV in the butt!  That is for another time :).  

All in all, I am feeling good.  My energy is coming back.  Believe it or not, I am actually dropping a few pounds.  I am pretty sure that is a good sign that my metabolism is turning around.  I am going to continue on my progress of slowly getting back into an intense workout routine.  MY overall focus is my health, and as long as I keep that on the front of my mind, I will make good choices....that will also lead to some weight loss.  I am looking forward to getting back to where I was BEFORE my body started to turn on me. 

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