Monday, May 11, 2015

Increased energy

I am happy to report that after a week of beginning my journey to put my EBV in it's place, that I am FINALLY starting to feel more energetic.  In case you missed my post last Monday, Diagnosis = EBV, I was diagnosed with EBV last week.  You can read the post to learn more about EBV.  Anyway, my course of antibiotics is done.  THANK GOODNESS!!  I tell you, it is tough for someone that purposefully eats every 2-3 hours, in order to keep my cortisol levels in check, to have to skip eating for 2-3 hours BEFORE and at least 1 hour after taking a medicine!!!  It was a twice daily sorta thing, so mornings were easy.  It is that darn early evening one that was killing me.  I was pretty run down last Tuesday-Thursday.  Friday was much better, and then I was feeling great over the weekend!  Today I am a little tired, but I still have a pretty good amount of energy.  I went in for a follow up appointment, and the doctor was pleased to hear that my energy is coming back.  I have to go again in a few weeks to make sure I continue on this uptrend.  If things start to regress, it may mean that my EBV may be causing some other (possibly more serious) health issues. 

What am I doing?  First, I am really focusing on my diet.  As a coach, I know that what I am eating will have a HUGE effect on how my body runs.  My doctor suggested that I stick with a high protein, low carb, low fat diet.  I typically follow a similar eating plan anyway, but right now, I am being extremely mindful of all of the foods that I am eating.  I have cut out bread and pasta almost completely.  We did have pizza on Saturday night, but I made sure that I kept my carbs EXTREMELY low early in the day, so that I could indulge with my family.  I am sticking with carbs such as sweet potatoes, organic granola (with my yogurt), and corn tortilla chips (as my junk food treat).  I am still drinking my Shakeology for breakfast, but I am adding in a small glass of carrot juice to boost my Vitamin A and my body's immune system.  Per my doctor, I am also taking 2000mg of Vitamin C, along with my ActiVit multivitamin (my high quality multivitamin), again to boost my immune system.  I was also given another B12 injection at my follow up appointment today.  After much research, I am going to try adding in some other supplements to help my body fight the virus, including olive leaf extract, licorice root, and astragalus root.  I am also increasing my use of coconut oil, raw ginger, and fresh garlic (things I use regularly anyway).  I am still researching and looking to try new ideas.  I have created a Pinterest board for my EBV, for those that want to learn more too. 

Right now, I am just taking it one day at a time.  I am making changes that will improve my health, and eventually help me tackle my weight loss more effectively.  I am still exercising 5-7 days a week (currently alternating between T25 and Body Beast).  As always, I am still drinking LOTS of water!!! 

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