Saturday, November 21, 2015

Insanity Max:30 = COMPLETE

I did it!  It only took me 10 months to get up the nerve to stare Insanity Max:30.  I followed the modifier throughout the entire program.  I worked hard, and pushed beyond limits I wasn't sure that I even had.  And I came out on top!  My final results are in....I actually lost about 6 pounds.  I was kind of shocked because I have been dealing with health issues that have been preventing me from losing weight.  Even though I was modifying the exercises, I was still pushing myself to do the best that I could do.  I didn't lose as many inches in my waist as I had hoped, but I DID LOSE INCHES EVERYWHERE!!!  My hips and rear are slimmer, my chest and shoulders are more defined, I have fantastic arm strength, and even my thighs have shed some inches (I have never had that happen to me with a Shaun T workout).  FOR ME, better than the actual physical progress, I just FEEL stronger, and that is huge after the year that I have had with my fitness.  I am so proud of myself for attempting, and FINISHING Insanity Max:30!!

When I got up yesterday morning to take my "after" pictures, I was sure that I had not made any visible progress.  The truth is that I can ALWAYS tell when I compare my progress pics.  So, here they are.....
I do want to note (for my own piece of mind) that I am wearing a size smaller pants in the "after" pics.  So even though I still have some skin bulge happening, I am proud to know that it is happening in a smaller size ;)

As always, along with this program, I drank my Shakeology daily (my daily dose of dense nutrition).  It helps my body function better, and has become an essential part of my healthy lifestyle.  Also, for this program, I used the Beachbody performance line products.  The Energize was great for giving me extra energy to get tackle a challenging program like Max:30.  Hydrate kept me...well, hydrated during my workout.  I LOVE the post workout Recovery drink (my favorite) because it really helped to reduce daily soreness in my muscles.  I also used the Nighttime Recharge whenever I started a new workout in the program, or pushed myself extra hard and was feeling a little more sore than usual.  I am not sure I would have been able to make it through the program without these awesome products.  If you think you might like to give the a try, there is a sampler pack available.

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