Monday, November 2, 2015

Every little step

Last week was the end of the first month of Insanity Max:30 for me.  I know that I have said this in previous posts, but the scale and I are currently at odds about my weight. That's OK.  I am still pushing forward, and I know that the scale will meet up with me eventually.  I have heard wise people say to aim for healthy, and weight loss will follow.  It really is true.  If you are striving to lose weight and not focusing on your health, you are likely to take drastic measures that may result in pounds lost....but will also result in some struggles with health.  And often times, when you start 'going back to normal' after taking those steps, the weight will come back too.  In any event, my goal right now, is for my clothes to be comfortable.  I have been slowly taking steps to get back on track with my eating.  I know jumping in full boar doesn't typically work for me.  I get frustrated about cravings, and I cave.  So, small permanent changes over time it is.  Slow and steady wins the race :).   I think I am doing pretty candy from my kids trick or treat buckets!!  Actually, I haven't been craving sweets at all, and that is a good thing right now. 

Ok, back to my month 1 results.  My weight has actually been fluctuating between 5 pounds lately.  In all likelihood, I probably lost a pound or 2 during month 1.  I HAVE lost 3.4 inches.  I would like to note that I took my month 1 measurements this evening.  Everyone knows that the belly pudge grows throughout the day.  I am pretty sure it is due to gravity ;).   Taking measurements in the evening, after dinner, is not ideal.  However, I still did it, so that I could create this post.  That is dedication!  I will measure again in the morning and update you in my next post.  So here is the REAL accomplishment of month 1 of Insanity Max:30.  I AM STRONGER!!!  I can say that will full confidence.  I know it sounds like a silly progress update, but it is so true.  Before I started Max:30, I could hardly do 5 push-ups (on my knees), without needing to stop.  Now, I can pump out 15-20 push-ups, before I need to stop for a break.  I have never been able to do this in any other workout program that I have tried.  Shaun T really hits the nail on the head when it comes to developing upper body strength by just using your own body weight.  Oh, and I follow the modifier for EVERYTHING.  You might be asking yourself, why I choose to modify the exercises.  2 reasons: 1 - I have lots of issues with my ankles and knees, and I require low impact exercises (no jumping) so I don't injure myself) as you can see from my previous sentences, I lack some upper body strength.  2 - I want to follow a full program WITH a modifier, to demonstrate that you can still get some great results while not forcing yourself to go high impact.  I am seriously impressed with how much strength that I have gained so far from this program.  My friend, talked me into running in a turkey trot for Thanksgiving.  Although I HATE running, I am anxious to see how Max:30 has improved my endurance.  I know when I did Focus T25, I went from running a mile in 9:30 to an 8.5 minute mile.  Max:30 is full of some crazy cardio too.  I am sure that my lung capacity has also strengthened.  The reality is that even though I am still struggling with symptoms of my EBV, I really do just feel better after finishing month 1 of this program.

Here you progress pics.  I have a love/hate relationship with progress pics.  Right now, I am not really happy with how I look, and I am working toward a better me. However, I NEED to be able to SEE that my body IS making progress.  I tried to wear the same clothing as in my before pic.  Although I notice my problem areas (we are our own worst critics), I can still see progress.

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