Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What does splurging mean?

I am on vacation this week, and after some comments on a few posts that I made on Facebook, this post started brewing in my head.  I really enjoy posting photos of foods that I enjoy while on vacation.  The posts usually get a bunch of likes and often comments about how yummy the foods look.  I also get a few comments like, "You are on vacation.  You should enjoy yourself.  Don't worry about eating healthy."  The truth is that I DON'T focus on eating healthy while on vacation.  I DO splurge.  I DO eat things that are incredibly unhealthy...for me.  That is the KEY...I eat foods that are unhealthy FOR ME...or you might say, unhealthy for my typically healthy lifestyle.  My idea of splurging is probably WAY different than yours. 

You see, I don't diet.  I have not dieted in YEARS.  Did you know that dieting leads to weight gain?  It's true.  How many people that you know go on a diet to lose weight (and they do), but as soon as they reach their goal, they go right back to the same habits that got them gaining weight in the first place?  When I decided to really start my weight loss journey, my REAL goal was to be healthy.  My plan has always been to make small, realistic changes to my regular eating, that I can maintain for the rest of my life.  It is called a lifestyle change.  It requires a complete shift in mindset.  Once you make that shift, it is REALLY hard to undo the way you think.  There are things that I simply do not eat anymore.  Not because I am trying to avoid them, but because I have managed to (over time) weed them out of my lifestyle.  As an example, I do not eat french fries...well, almost never.  Before I started my journey, I would take the kids to McDonald's, and I would order a meal...up-sizing the fries and drink, and I would EAT IT ALL BY MYSELF.   When I started my journey to a healthier me, I decided I wasn't going to eat the french fries.  It was a HUGE challenge at first.  I would still take the kids to McDonald's, and I would order just a sandwich, and still sneak in a fry or two from my kids plate.   Over time, my body adjusted to NOT eating fries.  On occasion I may sneak a few here and there.  However, to me, they no longer taste good.  They are not enjoyable.  I don't crave them.  In fact, I don't really want them at all, and often times when I do have a few, they make my tummy hurt...I actually have digestive problems eating ANY form of white potatoes (baked potatoes, chips, fries, mashed potatoes, etc).  That just makes those foods not appealing.  I managed to go through the same process with soda, and many other of my formerly favorite foods. 

Here's my point.  What might be a splurge for you, might not even be on my radar as a food that
I consider a splurge.  EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.  When you have gone out of your way to drastically change your eating habits, and you have established a new "regular" way of eating, then you redefine what splurging is for you.  For me, eating things like coconut, macaroon fried shrimp with bok choy and coconut rice is a big splurge!!  The food choices may be healthier, but they are still fried, and smothered in not so healthy sauces.  To me, it is a HUGE treat.

Tomorrow, when I enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, I will definitely have some stuffing, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, lots of turkey, and veggies.  I may even enjoy some wine and dessert, if they look appealing (I am not actually very big on pie).  I plan to stay away from the foods that bother my tummy.  I don't want to feel yucky after eating such a delicious meal. 

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