Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Corn :(

I can't tell you how challenging it was to add corn products back into my diet WITHOUT adding in soy, gluten, or dairy....aside for straight up corn (on or off the cob).  I know from past experience that my body does not digest raw or cooked corn well.  I didn't think I had an issue with popcorn.  Ummm, I think I was wrong.  On day one of my corn test, I had corn tortillas, which I toasted, broke into pieces and ate with salsa for an afternoon snack.  YUM!  I also had some air popped popcorn drizzled with coconut oil as an evening snack....BIG MISTAKE.  At the risk of TMI, the popcorn went right through me.  I had awful stomach cramping and gurgling.  It was so bad that on day 2, I limited myself to only the corn tortillas with salsa, and a tsp of cornstarch straight up (I know, not a fun way to eat it, but I couldn't figure out another way to test cornstarch, without my other allergens sneaking in).  My tummy was still rumbly, but much better than the day before.  I was completely back to normal on day 3, when I did not add in and corn products.

What does this mean from now on?  Well, I really need to limit my corn intake.  Once I get past the rest of my allergy elimination, I will test processed corn within products.  I am pretty sure cornstarch is OK for my system (especially in baked goods), but I won't know for sure until I try adding it back in as part of a product.  

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