Sunday, June 28, 2015


So I have completed my sensitivity test for Dairy.  I was actually surprised by the results.  I already knew that I have digestive issues when it comes to cheese in larger quantities.  My 2 day test indicated that I have issues with yogurt.  This was a BIG shocker!!!  I have been eating yogurt almost daily since last summer, and after this test I was able to put together the correlation between yogurt and constant nausea that I have had over the past year.  Here is a breakdown of my results:

Day 1
  • Natural Bliss coffee creamer (just cream and sugar) in my am coffee
  • 1 oz cheese with lunch
  • French Vanilla Coffee from Speedway in pm (it has been a MONTH, since I have been able to enjoy my fancy coffee).  French Vanilla was the only flavor that does not also contain soy.
  • 1 oz cheese with my taco salad for dinner
  • plain Greek yogurt as an evening snack.
I may have gone a little bit overboard with the dairy, so that could be a source of my issues, but I has severe nausea at bedtime.  It was so bad that I couldn't sleep. My nasal congestion was also much worse that usual. 

Day 2

  • French Vanilla Coffee from Speedway
  • 1 oz cheese with lunch
  • Gluten free cheese pizza for dinner  (it was so nice to have pizza!!)

 My nasal congestion was better, only slight nausea, and I felt a little bloated, and had some mild constipation.

Results - I am slightly sensitive to dairy.  I do not seem to have any issues with dairy that is a small part of a recipe, but dairy in larger quantities, and possibly yogurt by itself give me nausea.  For the remainder of my allergy testing, I will not be having dairy.  However, I plan to add it back into my eating plan (in small quantities) after I finish my allergy elimination.

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