Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 2 Extreme Fix

I am so happy to report that after 1 full week of 21 Day Fix Extreme, I am down 3 inches in my waist and 2.5 inches in my hips!!!  I am super excited about that progress!!  No scale updates yet because I won't be stepping on it until the end (my New Year's resolution to only step on scale once a month).  Over all, I feel more energetic, my muscles feel stronger, and I look and feel leaner.  I have been doing really well sticking with the Extreme eating plan.  I had an event on Saturday evening, and had already planned to indulge a bit.  I didn't go overboard on the buffet dinner.  I definitely loaded up on the veggies, avoided the pasta and bread, and chose the fish over the roast beef (although it was doused in some sort of creamy sauce, which I tried to avoid).  I skipped all of the cakes that were available for dessert,  but I may have discovered the Esther Price caramel turtles, and had like 6 of them.  Esther Price is a famous local candy company here in the Dayton, OH area....you just don't pass up the opportunity to give it a try :).  I will be honest.  After really healthy and sticking religiously to my 21 Day Fix eating plan for a whole week, my tummy did not appreciate the fattier food or the sugar that I allowed myself to have.  To sort of make up for indulging, I stuck with the Countdown to Competition plan for the Fix Extreme on Sunday.  I tell you what, that plan is INTENSE!!!  It is a carb depletion plan, and is NOT recommended to do for more than 21 days at a time.  Many folks that are doing the fix have chosen to do a rotation of 2 days on the regular extreme eating plan and then a day of the competition plan, and are having good success.  OK, so what is the difference?  In the Countdown to Competition plan, you only get your greens, reds, 1 yellow and your tsp.  What that translates to for those that are not currently using the Fix programs - veggies, proteins, 1 carb, and healthy oils.  On the upside, my proteins increased from 4 to 7 in one day - I actually had trouble fitting them all in, and the proteins are my favorite!  It was really tough not to reach for a blue or orange container (no salad dressing).  I don't normally miss the fruits, but I couldn't just grab a quick apple as a snack either.  I would really struggle if I had to follow that plan for the full 21 days. 

So now I am in week 2.  I am hoping for another successful week. 

As promised, here is a summary of the remainder of the Fix Extreme workouts for the week:

Cardio Fix Extreme - reminded me of a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style workout.  4 rounds with 2 exercises in each round and a cardio interval in between each exercise.  This was a great workout, and the exercises really focuses on those muscles you use when you squat.  Great workout for the heart and the glutes!!  I was never a fan of the cardio fix workout in the original 21 Day Fix program, but I really liked this one.

Dirty 30 Extreme -   Definitely a challenging workout, but again I prefer this one over the original Dirty Thirty.  3 rounds.  2 exercises each round.  I do have to tell you, I had to modify a few of the moves because even with the modifier, I just couldn't do it.  The best part of this workout is that it is total body and you work all of the muscle groups. 

Yoga Fix Extreme - What can I say?  It was a yoga workout.  Not overly challenging, and a good stretch.  Honestly though, I really did not like this yoga workout.  The whole thing felt awkward and uncomfortable.  I didn't feel like the moves flowed very well, which did not make the workout at relaxing (for mind or body).  Next week, I will probably pop in one of my Piyo workouts, or follow the original 21 Day Fix yoga workout. 

In addition to the regular workouts, I also purchased the Ultimate Extreme workouts.  Yesterday, I replaced Plyo Fix Extreme with Power Strength Extreme.  I LOVED it!!!  This workout reminded me a lot of my Piyo program. No weights - body weight only.  The downside - I don't feel as though I got as much out of the intensity of this workout over the Plyo Fix Extreme.  Although I dislike the jumping in Plyo, I did feel like I really got in a good workout.  Next week, I am going to try to combine parts of both workouts together to find a good mix for me.

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