Saturday, January 3, 2015

Let's get REAL here

You have to know where you started, in order to know how far you have come.   So, here we go, my BEFORE photos. 

Yeah, I'm NOT happy with these pics.  Nobody is happy with their before pics.  Let's face it, for most of us, they are awful.  However, they do serve a purpose.  They remind us of how much we change over our journey.  For me, I have a commitment to ONLY stepping on the scale once a month....Do you know how HARD it is to NOT step on the scale?!?!?!  My Before pics will be a good measure of my progress.  I also took my measurements, but I am not going to post those - just updates of inches lost.  After all, I already shared my weight with the world in my last post, so you already have a good idea of where things stand. 

Ok, so I have my before pics and my measurements done.  Now what?  Game plan time!!!  I am currently working on my workout schedule.  Yes, I PLAN a workout schedule and PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR.  If I try to wing it, I will find an excuse NOT to do it.  If you didn't already know, I am a Beachbody Coach.  I LOVE my Beachbody workouts, and the ability to do them at private...anytime I want.  I have quite a collection of programs and I often like to mix things up.  As you can probably tell from my pic, I have not been using my workouts recently - holidays were just CRAZY!!

The programs I have at home include:
 21 Day Fix

 Focus T25 I also have the T25 Gamma series
 Insanity Max:30
 Body Beast
 Les Mills Combat
 Hip Hop Abs
 Rockin Body
 Brazil Butt Lift
 Slim in 6

Starting on Monday, I am going to be following the 21 Day Fix workout AND portion control meal plan.  Why?  Because they are my favorite workouts, and the meal plan is just plain simple.  I also run a monthly group on Facebook JUST for this program, so I have built in support and encouragement to help me stay focused and on track.  On top of that, I will be drinking my Shakeology daily to help get my nutrition in and curb my junk food cravings.  Honestly, I try to drink my Shakeology daily anyway because it is just good dense nutrition...I will admit, I slacked off during December...probably why I was drawn to the sweets and treats :).   I'm ready.  LET'S DO THIS!

~The success is in traveling the journey and not reaching the finish line.

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