Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cleanse update

I have been sticking with my cleanse pretty well all week.  I haven't been 100%, but I really do feel like I am getting back on track with my eating.  Day 1 went great.  Days 2-4 were rough.  I was tired and cranky.  I didn't want to exercise either.  I could tell my body was detoxing from all of the junk food.  Yesterday was much better.  I finally have my energy back, and my head fog has lifted.  It is interesting how much WHAT you eat can affect your brain function.  When you are eating good healthy foods, your brain works more smoothly.  Your thinking in clearer and faster, and you feel more focused.  When you eat a lot of junk food, you tend to walk around in a brain fog.  You forget things - those are when I have all of those "I walked into this room for something, and I can't remember what it is" moments. 

I addition to my increased brain function ability, my waistline is really slimming down.  My clothes fit better, and I am just feeling more confident.  Today is day 6, and the weekend.  Weekends are tough for me because I am off of my routine.  However, I already have my game plan in place.  I am planning to do my 21 Day Fix Barre Legs workout.  My foods are prepped, and I know exactly what I will be eating throughout the day today. 

Tomorrow I will be hopping on the scale for the first time in a month for my weight update.  I am also taking measurements and photos.  Stay tuned for my January results!!

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