Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 2....not as good as week 1

I realized today that I haven't posted in almost a week.  I have been thinking about posting, but the words just keep floating around in my head with no real direction.  I suppose this post isn't going to write itself :).

I felt REALLY good about my first week following the 21 Day Fix plan....then the weekend happened.  Weekends are my weak point.  My schedule is off, so workouts will often get missed - or I will do a quick 10 minute abs workout or something just to feel like I fit it in.  My eating plan is usually good to go as long as I don't have plans with others.  Well, last weekend, we had dinner plans with friends on Saturday, and THEY were doing the cooking.  I ate well early in the day and even had my Shakeology.  The foundation was set for the day, but because I was not sure what was on the dinner menu, I couldn't really plan my 21 Day Fix containers.  The good news is that dinner was healthy.  The bad was really good and I overate.   In turn, that just set the tome for the next few days.  Grrrrrr!

Sunday, I did not follow my meal plan at all.  I snacked all day.  I didn't really track.  I know I didn't eat a lot, but I also know that my choices were not healthy....they included brownies (my weakness).  I did manage to fit in a workout...sort of.  I started my 21 Day Fix Yoga Fix, and got sidetracked taking fitness photos (selfies of me doing exercises) for my FB page.  So I suppose, I was still working out, but I wasn't really following my DVD.  I ended up staying up far to late on Sunday night, which threw off my Monday.  I slept in a bit on Monday.  Woke up, had my Shakeology and some coffee, and got my day started.  I had plans to take my kids to an event for our home school that afternoon, so the sleeping in part really threw off the day.  I failed to have anything to eat before we left the house (except my Shakeology for breakfast...which happened at 11:30am).  We all know that is just a recipe for disaster.  We didn't return home until 4:30pm, and I was STARVING.  I ended up grabbing some leftovers from Sunday's dinner and some lime tortilla chips.  Because of the late lunch and plans for a party to watch Ohio State play Oregon (Go Bucks) in the national Championship game, I decided to skip dinner.  I snacked on white chicken chili (amazing and healthy recipe - I will have to share), and chips with queso dip.  I did drink lots of water, so not a total loss.  I am sure I was under calories for the day, but the choices were just not good.  This is how I get myself off track EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Yesterday and today I have been focusing on healthy choices, but still not the right "containers" that fit within my 21 Day Fix meal plan.

I know I can't be the only one that experiences this, but I go through phases with my eating.  I will have a few days of just being hungry all day.  All day.  Healthy or unhealthy, I mean NOTHING is ever satisfying.  Then I will go through a few days of just not being the point of forcing myself to eat because I know I need the nutrition.   I always struggle to stick with a good meal plan because of this vicious cycle.  In any event, I am trying to get back on track with my containers.  I am definitely tracking my food, and my portions, which are all within my calorie goals.  However, I just can't seem to get back into the groove with my containers.

Tomorrow is a new day...

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